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Stressed About Your Business Data Security? Find Peace of Mind with Synology.

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In our rapidly evolving digital world, data is the cornerstone of modern businesses. Synology has become synonymous with state-of-the-art data storage, offering solutions that are efficient, secure, and user-friendly. This comprehensive guide unveils the power of Synology, focusing on its hardware and software features and how it ensures top-notch data protection.

What Makes Synology a Leader in Storage Solutions?

Synology stands at the forefront of storage solutions, providing robust, scalable, and intuitive offerings that suit businesses of all sizes. From simple data storage to complex backup routines, Synology has it all. We will discuss some of the superior qualities that set Synology apart from other NAS systems.

Innovative Hardware Design

Synology offers devices to store your files, photos, and important documents. Think of them like digital cabinets where you can neatly organize everything. Their devices like DiskStations are perfect for home or small businesses. These devices act like a cabinet for your digital files allowing you to share and collaborate data easily with your family or colleagues.

RackStations are more advanced line of products used for bigger organisations that need a lot of storage, virtualisation and backup systems. These systems often come with higher memory and more options for to support higher storage with the help of Expansion Units and support for faster and modern SSDs.

Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

The software on which Synology creates its magic is called DiskStation Manager or DSM for short. It offers an intuitive interface for both technical and non technical users alike. DSM supports a wide variety of file-sharing protocols along with collaboration tools which enhance the value it provides.

Softwares like Synology Photos and Video have come a long way in terms of their usability and stability. They have Android and iOS apps, and the smoothness of these apps rival that of Apple Photos or Google Photos. Moreover, Synology has its own office and exchange competitor software created in house. All Synology apps are free to use with their hardware, thus saving licensing and storage costs that other platforms may charge. The apps that do require a license to work are easy to obtain and provide more value than the competition.

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Synology also has its own Virtual Machine Manager allowing you to create virtual machines to run on the NAS and for users to run their own custom business applications based on Windows or Linux via Synology. This saves cost in terms of hardware and software that might need to be purchased separately.

Server Backups

Synology specialises in comprehensive backup solutions for servers and critical devices. Scheduled regular and real time backups using tools like Hyper Backup, Snapshot Replication and Active Backup ensures data integrity and captures real time data changes daily, weekly or monthly. A prime example of this scenario is a healthcare provider backing up software, patient records, and data via Synology, thus ensuring compliance and data availability.

Robust Security Measures

Synology's security features include real-time monitoring, antivirus tools and advanced protocols that ward off threats. It even includes its own firewall and support for advanced authentication technologies like 2FA.

Another big feature that Synology incorporates in its software is protection against Ransomware. With snapshot technology and isolation of attacks, Synology offers robust protection against ransomware. As mentioned earlier, apps like Active Backup for Business, Snapshot Replication and C2 Cloud Backups offer not only backups, but also redundant backups making the data extremely secure and safe from ransomware attacks.

Regular firmware updates for DSM and apps also ensures improved security and patching of new threats that might emerge over time.

Synology Active Backup

Scalability and Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, Synology offers a wide variety of expansion options that allows businesses to grow their storage as needed without a complete overhaul. Synology's solutions work across different platforms, ensuring flexibility in various environments. Hybrid approach to data that includes integration with various third party cloud services provides peace of mind for data management for businesses and home users alike.

How Synology Helps Businesses Keep Going

Synology is like a reliable partner that makes sure your business keeps running smoothly, no matter what happens. It ensures that your data is always there when you need it.

Synology Shared Drive Systems Kuwait

Synology's innovative storage solutions empower businesses with collaboration, data protection, and efficiency. From home users to large enterprises, Synology offers tailored solutions for every need. Its commitment to security and robust backup solutions makes it a preferred choice for many organisations. Whether it's protecting against ransomware or ensuring seamless server backups, Synology's hardware and software work in harmony to provide a secure and efficient environment for data management.

At Express Tech, we specialize in Synology backup solutions, ranging from installation to maintenance to restoration. Trust us with your data, and embrace the power of modern data management with Synology today.


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