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About Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti Networks Inc is known for developing high-performance networking product platforms. Ubiquiti-Engineered technology innovations provide superior performance, clever mechanical design and ease of use. They focus on creating evolved wireless and wired technology platforms to deliver highly advanced and easily deployable communications solutions to a global customer base.

Some of our Ubiquiti deployments
Ubiquiti Network
Ubiquiti Patch Panels
Ubiquiti Office Cabinet 1
Ubiquiti Cabinet 3
Ubiquiti Office
Ubiquiti Office

Networking Equipments

Controllers & Firewalls


Network Switches

Ubiquiti Pro Switch 24 Ports.jpg
Ubiquiti 24 ports POE Switch.jpg

WiFi Access Points

Ceiling Mount

AP AC Lite 1.jpg
AP AC Lite 3.jpg

Install Ubiquiti Ceiling Access Points for optimal wireless coverage in Indoor Area of your house or office premises.

AP AC Lite 2.jpg

Wall Mount

AP AC IW 2.jpg
AP AC IW 1.jpg
AP AC IW 3.jpg

Install Ubiquiti Wall Access Points for optimal WiFi Coverage and 2 Network Outputs for a PoE Device like an IP Phone and another output to connect a PC 0r a Laptop.

Unifi Protect Cameras

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