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About Snom

In the year 1997, Snom Technology was a Berlin startup and first in the world to deploy professional VoIP devices. This has given Snom the first-mover advantage, allowing the brand to grow in pedigree and scope to represent the world’s premium VoIP business telephone category.

Snom operates across the world and has a sizeable customer base who helped Snom grow as a business while continually contributing to evolving the technology and product ranges.

Snom Solutions

Express Tech is a SNOM Gold Partner in Kuwait since 2021. With an amazing team of certified and dedicated engineers, we help to design a perfect phone system that fits your business requirements.

With a wide range of products available in Snom, we also deploy these products for residential spaces like Villas & Apartments.

Scroll down to discover and learn more about the different types of products that Snom has to offer.

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The Snom D785 is part of Snom's latest and most technically advanced phone series. With the elegant design available in black and white, the large high-resolution colour display, as well as the practical second display for a dynamic configuration of the 24 function keys (6 physical), this telephone offers all the functions for every working day.

Thanks to the integrated digital signal processor (DSP), the Snom D785/D785N offers the HD audio quality common to all Snom phones.
One of the most appealing features of the Snom D785/D785N is the ability to customise the entire user interface.
This means that you can not only change the background as well as all icons and colours according to your wishes, you can even individualise menus and of course assign the function keys with speed dials or BLF according to your workflow at any time.

Snom D735.jpg


The Snom D735 convinces with its timeless design, two colour variants, a high-resolution 2.7" colour display, which is surrounded by 8 self-labelling, function keys with multi-coloured LEDs and also has a proximity sensor, which maximises the labelling of the function keys on the display when approached.

The Snom D735 has an integrated Gigabit switch, as well as a USB port for easy pairing of accessories (e.g. headsets).

Of course, thanks to the latest Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, the D735 delivers the Snom proven crystal-clear HD audio quality, which makes conversation partners - even in three-party conferences - forget that they are physically separated.

Snom D735 White.png
Snom D735 Black.png
Snom D713.png


The Snom D713 is the cost-effective entry into the professional world of the Snom D7xx series. Available in black, the phone fits perfectly into any work environment, combining state-of-the-art technology, best HD audio voice quality and current security technology in the usual elegant design.

The high-resolution colour display uses Snom's own labelling solution "SmartLabel" for the 4 freely programmable LED function keys.

The Snom D713 is equipped with a Gigabit switch with PoE support.

In addition, it is possible to connect a headset.

Snom D713.png
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