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3CX is a complete unified communications solution that features unlimited extensions, an open platform, transparent pricing and easy deployment options.
Express Tech are proud partners of 3CX in Kuwait and work extensively with our clients in design, implementation & support for 3CX phone system. To know more, click on the button to fill out the form & our customer representative will contact you

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  • Remote Working: 3CX features a powerful remote working architecture for employees or call centre agents. No matter if your employees are in the office, at home or on the road, they can always stay connected to the office phone system and their personal extension via WebRTC phone, softphone or mobile app. 3CX integrates these features seamlessly with a single click configuration of extensions providing peace of mind for IT Person and End Users alike.

  • Know Who is Calling: With options of integrating multiple CRM systems with 3CX, the employees can see the customer details even before the call is answered. Using the built in Click to Dial tool, employees can also dial customer numbers directly from CRM. Moreover, with Call History built into the 3CX apps, employees can vie the missed or abandoned calls and callback the clients directly.

  • Live Chat: With Live Chat built in 3CX that works out of the box, it becomes easier for employees to talk to each other no matter where they are physically located. Moreover, integration of Live Chat with Facebook & website enables users to contact 3CX agents directly.

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  • Monitor from Anywhere: 3CX allows supervisors & managers to monitor live and historical calls on the go. No matter if they are at the office, on the road or working from home, they can login on their web portal for call monitoring & checking the status of employees.

  • Call Reporting: When running a call center, agent productivity and customer satisfaction are always top priorities. 3CX includes more than 20 reports available on demand or scheduled according to your needs. Some of the available reports are Queue Performance, Agents Performance, Call Statistics, Abandoned Calls, Answered & Unanswered calls etc.

  • Call Center Quality Assurance: 3CX has one of the most simple and easy to use call centre packages compared with any system around. Supervisors can not only monitor live calls, but they can also perform functions like listening to a live ongoing call, whisper to the agent or take over the call if required. Moreover, they can log in and log out agents from a specified queue depending on the business requirements.

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