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Unlock the Power of Professionalism: How 3CX Can Elevate Your Small Business Call Center

Intro to 3CX

3CX is a very powerful, versatile and affordable phone system that can help your small business set up a professional call center in no time. With advanced features and easy to use interface, 3CX makes it easy to manage your calls, improve customer service, increase productivity and help generate more revenue for your business.

In this post, we are going to discuss the 5 problems that businesses face in implementation of a call center system and how 3CX manages to solve those problems.

1) Difficulty tracking and analyzing call center performance

The most common problem faced by small businesses that use a normal phone system is a lack of accountability and inability to track / monitor calls on a given day, week or month. This is where 3CX comes in handy. It offers a wide range of features for call center management including call recording, call monitoring and call reporting. This allows small businesses to track and analyze their agents' performance, identify areas for improvement and make data driven decisions to optimise operations.

2) Lack of integration with other tools and applications

Most IP Phone systems based on other systems architecture have difficulty in integrating with an existing POS or order taking system of a business. Nowadays, many businesses use cloud based or web based apps and small business owners have a hard time in integrating those with their phone system. 3CX resolves this issue in 2 ways. The first one is that it seamlessly integrates with many CRM, helpdesk and other business applications out of the box like Zoho, Freshdesk, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

The second way in which 3CX makes it easy to integrate with 3rd party applications is through web link. Through this method, a web link with a "phone number" as a parameter is fed into the system that will trigger upon receiving a call and open up the web interface for the 3rd party applications. This saves time, effort and cost for all stakeholders involved and thus providing a quick solution for any type of integrations required.

3) Difficulty in managing multiple calls simultaneously

Many small businesses face this issue where the system is not flexible enough to allow for any changes in call routing like directing the calls to another person at a specific time of the day or week. The systems that do support these features are hard to use and requires a certain technical knowledge to be operated. 3CX's advanced call routing and management features allow small businesses to direct calls to the right person or department, minimising wait times and improving customer satisfaction. Moreover, the routing changes can be made easily in an easy to use interface that requires minimal technical knowledge.

4) Limited options for remote working

Nowadays, remote working is a new requirement for almost all businesses. Be it due to changing employee habits or offshore employees, remote working is an essential part of a global world. Phone systems that do support remote working are almost always difficult to configure for system administrators and even more difficult to use for remote call center agents.. This creates friction affecting the overall efficiency of a business.

3CX offers a variety of options for remote working, enabling agents to work from anywhere anytime and still have access to full functionality of a call center. This enables businesses to hire offshore agents saving office space and expenses associated with it. Its completely compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. With just a click of a button, end users are able to configure their remote phones easily and start working in no time.

5) High costs associated with setting up a call center

The above mentioned problems that can be easily solved by 3CX would make you think that it must cost a fortune for its licensing and implementation. This is not the case. 3CX is a powerful and cost-effective solution that help small businesses set up a professional call center without breaking the bank. With a simple to understand pricing structure based on simultaneous calls and no additional charges for extra features, 3CX truly is a solution designed keeping in mind the requirements of small businesses.

In Conclusion

To conclude our write up, 3CX is an ideal solution for small business call center. With features like live monitoring dashboard, automated reporting, call recording, live chat messaging, whatsapp integration and many more, 3CX offers a cost-effective solution to solve all your business communication needs. Ensuring that your business is always up to date with the the latest communication technologies and a high rate of customer satisfaction.

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