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Automated systems for your house

We work closely with homeowners, architects and interior designers to provide seamless automation for both new constructions and retrofits.Homeowners can enjoy personalised smart living experiences perfect for any home.

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Home Entertainment

Simplify your home entertainment with just one control for all your audio and video systems. Design a jaw dropping home cinema and activate the lighting, surround sound system and projector system with a click of a button

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Smart Lighting

Automated or smart lighting adds elegance, ambiance and energy efficiency to your home. Control your lighting with a touch of a button or automate it to suit your daily schedule.

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Smart Music

Browse and select your playlists with a simple swipe or pass the touch screen around so your friends and family can choose the tunes. Streaming content from the world’s most popular services is right at your fingertips, with stunning cover art on display.

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