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Cloudview allows you to build your own digital signage system in a way that is lean, reliable, scalable and cost-effective

Cloudview Siganage System.png

System Overview

  • Cloudview enables you to build your own signage with the content that you want.

  • Subscribe to cloudview services to allow for the management of playersto display your content.

  • Cloudview is a complete solution with many features like built-in layouts, ticker & adverts insertion, campaign scheduling, TV control, screen capture etc.

Cloudview Assets.png

corporate communication

Deploy cloudview signage system at Reception, Cafeteria and other common places. Deploy videos, welcome messages, events, employee recognitions and more.


Install displays in stores to show information about products. Display campaigns, offers and cross-promotion messages. Communicate with your customers effectively and increase sales

Digital display

Deploy digital displays in your Restaurant to attract customers. Schedule promotional videos, food images and menus based time of day or day of the week or season. Encourage instant purchases.

More Control in your hands

  • Cloudview system enables you to control all players from a single screen of multiple locations and multiple screens

  • Through the intuitive wizard, it allows you to check whats being displayed on the screen at a given moment of time.

Cloudview Live Display.png
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