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3CX Phone System - A Brief Overview

We all have faced the dreaded problem of losing our phone system sometimes for days that negatively impact our business operations, continuity and in some cases, loss of revenue. Whether you are in process of starting a new business, opening up a new location, or moving from one office to another, planning out and investing in a new phone system is critical. A good quality phone system helps you maintain business operations , provide better customer service and therefore increasing the revenue and credibility of your business.

In this article, we are going to discuss one such system that has the hallmarks of a perfect business phone system in terms of stability, scalability, features, and affordability. The telephony system I am talking about is 3CX. We are going to discuss how 3CX is a good fit for businesses of all sizes.

Stability - For any business, the basic functionality of a phone system is stability. No matter how feature-rich a phone system is, if it's not up and running at all times to help the business, it's a failed system. 3CX excels in this department as it is very easy to deploy, manage & troubleshoot in case anything stops working. But the most important aspect of 3CX is that the system keeps on running flawlessly once it is set up and programmed.

Moreover, unlike other phone systems that require constant maintenance and monitoring of extensions manually, 3CX has automated notifications built-in that directly notifies the admin/manager if a phone is down, backups stop working, or if a system is facing attacks, and so on. Due to these notifications, we can rectify these issues proactively with minimum downtime and effect on business operations.

Scalability - A good phone system is an investment that should provide returns when the business grows. Therefore, it should have the capability of growing along with the business and maximizing the value of the initial investment. 3CX is a system that grows with your business in terms of hardware upgradability, licensing add ons, and version upgrades.

Let us take an example of a startup company - a bakery - which start their small setup in a Central Kitchen with just 4 employees and a single telephony unit on which they receive and make client calls. 2 years down the line, as the bakery business grows, the phone system is no longer efficient as they need to set up an inbound call center service. 3CX can easily handle this scenario as the client, in this case, can just upgrade the hardware (If required), restore the old backup, purchase an upgraded version (PRO or ENT) edition license that has the call center functionality and they are good to go.

Features - Moving on to one of the most important aspects of investing in a phone system - FEATURES. A potential customer always purchases a system based on the features it has and how it will help them to grow their business or solve the problems they are facing. Every company has different communications needs, so what you need in your office may not be what your competitor needs. However, a few crucial features that set 3CX apart from other systems are as follows:

- Unified Communications - 3CX is probably the only cost-effective phone system that provides out of the box connectivity and UC features like WebRTC, Internal company chat, Mobile Apps for iOS and Android which are very easy to configure with QR code scanning, video conferencing, and web meeting options. All these features combined with ease of use makes 3CX a very compelling UC system.

--3CX iOS App--

- Inbound Call Center - Along with the UC features, 3CX also has built-in Call Center features that include multi-level IVRs, ACD (Agents & Supervisors), Call Recording, Call Reporting, Live Calls Monitoring on Dashboard, Queueing, and Email Notifications. All of these features are essential for basic call center operations and are part of a robust modern phone system solution.

- Integrations - 3CX supports out-of-the-box integrations for various CRM software like Zoho, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Bitrix24, etc. It supports integrations with MySQL, MsSQL based databases as well. These types of integrations allow the phone system to be more modifiable and provides us with options like popping up of customer details when an incoming call is received. For outbound calls, 3CX supports Chrome Extension that allows the Click to Dial feature for users. This enables quick dialing from the built-in WebRTC phone on any given CRM, website, or even Google Docs file.

Affordability - Now coming to the bottom line of pricing - which is the main concern of all decision-makers when purchasing any new system. Pricing in 3CX is very aggressively set and designed to meet the needs of SMEs, Enterprises, and Call Centers accordingly. For small businesses that are just starting up, 3CX offers a FREE standard version edition. For SME's who need advanced features, 3CX offers the PRO version. For Call Center, it offers an ENT version that provides them the above-mentioned call center features. Compared with Cisco or Avaya, 3CX pricing is way below these systems. Compared with Asterisk-based systems, 3CX pricing is more or less the same and worth it if we look at the features and stability of 3CX.

For more information regarding the pricing and versions of 3CX - you can check out this page:


In conclusion to our short write-up, if you are looking to purchase a new phone system for your office, home, business, or call center, our Express Tech team of experts will be there to provide you an ideal solution that will suit your needs. We work closely with our clients to provide them an ideal phone system solution and recommend them solutions based on 3CX, Asterisk or Appliance based devices like Grandstream.

Check out our page of the brands that we work with and feel free to contact us for any phone system related consultation.

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