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3CX - For Multi Location Businesses

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3CX is a phone system that has unlimited potential to solve issues related to day-to-day IP telephony. Whether you need a fully-fledged call centre or a VoIP system to organize multiple locations and employees in an organization, 3CX is your go-to solution. In this blog post, we are going to discuss common issues faced by business owners who have multiple locations and face daily communication challenges in their business.

The Problems

Lack of a published number

Many businesses that have multiple branches usually have different landline numbers based on the area in which the branches are located. For example, if an owner has a salon in multiple areas of a country, their landline numbers will be different in each area. Their clients need to save different numbers to be able to reach a given location. And moreover, they are not able to run marketing campaigns without a proper published number as it's difficult to publish multiple numbers and handle the associated call traffic.

Lack of communication between branches
Internal communication between different locations always creates frustration and hassle for business owners

Having different numbers for each location also create issues for internal communications between the branch employees and head office. Moreover, landlines being used for internal communications render those lines busy and the clients are not able to reach the establishment resulting in loss of business and poor customer satisfaction.

Lack of accountability

Not using an IP PBX system or an inferior system also results in a lack of accountability. Metrics like calls received every day, missed calls, abandoned calls, and call recordings are not available on hand and result in poor customer satisfaction and loss of business.

Lack of remote calling app

Not having a good IP PBX system also results in employees using either separate landlines or worse, their personal mobile numbers to contact clients. This further leads to customer confusion and a poor impression on them.

The Solutions

3CX has a solution to all the problems mentioned above and even more. We ensure that maximum client satisfaction is achieved and businesses thrive after installing it.

Single published number

Having a professional IP PBX system like 3CX enables business owners to link it with a single published DID or Toll-Free number. When a client calls this number, it can be routed to branches via an automated greeting message, to the call centre or to any number of destinations based on the business type, work hours, holidays etc. The options are unlimited and highly flexible. Moreover, a single published number enables businesses to run more targeted marketing campaigns and handle the incoming traffic more efficiently.

IP Phones in each location
Snom Phones in Kuwait - Express Tech Snom Phones - 3CX and Snom Phones

3CX gives the ability to install and manage remote phones for multiple locations. Be it 1 or 50 phones, a site can be programmed for phones to directly connect to the 3CX PBX. This allows internal communication between employees, branches to branches and from head office to branches with ease. Moreover, it also leaves the main lines free for the customers to call on and enables maximum business efficiency and availability.

Calls Accountability

3CX enables business owners to view detailed reporting of the calls received, made and missed via an easy-to-use web interface that can be accessed from anywhere. This allows the owner to have an overview of the business and ensure sales or support calls from clients are being handled promptly, efficiently and with accountability.

Remote app for iOS and Android

Perhaps one of the most important features of 3CX is the remote app that works flawlessly on iOS and Android. The 3CX app also allows owners or supervisors to monitor calls, and statuses of team members and hear call recordings from the app itself. Employees can use the remote app to communicate with clients through the system, thus the calls are recorded and reported when made.


As we have read above, 3CX is the answer to a multitude of problems faced by business owners around the globe. These problems are common in nature and I am sure many owners can relate to these. Other than the above-mentioned solutions, 3CX also has built-in above-mentioned features for call centre employees, video conferencing, CRM integrations, contacts management, live chat integrations and so on.

We at Express Tech are specialized and certified in deploying and maintaining 3CX telephony systems.



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