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Qualities of a good wifi system

Learn the characteristics that are essential to have for a good home or office wireless system.

So, you got a new 5G router to get on the internet. You plug in the router, set it up and connect your devices to the wireless. Naturally, you are sitting next to it and getting download speeds close to 900mb. WOW!! - now that's a fast internet connection. You have to step into another room while you are still streaming Netflix and as soon as you go there, the WiFi signal keeps dropping lower and your stream stops. In order to avoid this and many other disconnection scenarios, a good WiFi system is essential for your home or business to ensure you get proper internet access no matter where you are on the premises.

In this article, we will see some of the useful and essential features any good wireless system should have

Single WiFi Name (SSID)

No matter in which area of your premises you are in, the WiFi naming should be same at all places. Whether you are moving from one room to other or even from one floor to another, the wifi name should be the same and your devices should be able to recognise it instantly and connect to it.

WiFi Roaming

As mentioned in the example above, a wifi signal should not go weak when you are moving around your premises. It should stay constant and provide consistent speeds in all areas of a house or an office. A good wireless system installer will always analyse the premises, taking note of the area, study the materials used in construction, number of users etc and make a plan to see the wireless access points are connected and distributed efficiently to ensure a smooth transition between different rooms.


The devices used in any given scenario for wireless access points should all be capable of providing the appropriate network speeds as listed by the ISP. This is critical as most of the time, home users or businesses purchase off the shelf access points and then suffer the issues of low speeds.

Central Management

A good wifi system should have a central management portal which will enable you to check firmwares upgrades, traffic passing through the network and device malfunctions. A controller also does "Load Balancing" between the different access points which prevents them from being overloaded and assure good WiFi performance across the whole network.


A good wifi system will give you the capability of easy expansion and management of access points. Things like adding a new access point to the network, renaming or changing any settings on it should not be a tedious job and should be done in a matter of minutes.

Appropriate Backend Infrastructure

No matter how powerful your access points are or how feature rich they are, the backend infrastructure is critical to their performance. By backend infrastructure, I mean the network cabling and switching. For example, if you are installing access points that support up to 1 gbps speeds and your switches are just 100mb, naturally you won't get the high speeds as expected as the switch will become the bottleneck in your network.

For more information regarding wireless systems, feel free to contact us using the link below.

Peace, A.

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