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How IP Phones make your life easier

In this post, we are going to discuss how ip phones can make your life better. Whether it is for your business or home, ip phones can help you leverage voip technology to the fullest extent.

In my experience as a voip professional, I have had the privilege of working around many brands of ip phones in different scenarios. We can't go over each and every model of phones in this post, therefore, to simplify, I will discuss the highest range of IP Phone available from Grandstream (my preferred ip phone vendor) which is GXV3370. This device is an ip phone baked into an Android tablet. It has built-in camera for video calling, android play store to download various apps, built-in wifi, bluetooth and all the bells and whistles you could imagine in a regular android tablet.

Use cases for this particular model are shown below.


GXV3370 is perfectly suited for home users. It has plethora of features useful for home applications. With a 7" touch screen tablet, you can view home security cameras directly on the phone itself, it can act as an app controller for your smart devices like lighting, sound, temperature control and blinds control. Oh yeah, and you can also use it to make calls through it as well!

Now, you are thinking what do I mean by smart applications? Smart app is nothing but software that integrates with home automation devices. So for example, in any modern house, the lighting is controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet. The GXV 3370 acts as a device where the app can be programmed and all smart home devices can be controlled from it. You will have a clear idea of how powerful it is by watching the video below:

Home Automation Video

In this video, the home lighting system works directly from the tablet phone via home automation app called Fibaro - which seamlessly integrates with Grandstream phone.

Another fantastic thing about these phones is that they are all POE supported means they don't need power from a separate adapter and can be powered on directly by a POE network switch. Using the Grandstream UCM IP PBX Zero Config feature, these phones can be configured within minutes and ready to be deployed.

This is a little messy pic of a home site deployment we've had recently. All phones hooked up and ready to be programmed.

Due to its android OS built-in, these phones are also a good intercom answering devices. They work seamlessly with most of IP intercoms for audio/video and can even be used to unlock doors for people entry.

Having a good sound system in a house is essential nowadays. Whether its for listening to your favourite music, weather channel or religious channels, you need the ability to control all of the music by your fingertips. Well, the Grandstream tablet phone makes it easier to do exactly that. It doesn't matter if you are in your hall or gym or outdoor garden, the music can be controlled directly from the phone itself allowing you to sit and relax. Check out the demo video below

Sound System Video


Moving further from our home and installing these phones in office environment has several advantages and use case scenarios as well. For example, these phones can be connected with any bluetooth device - so connect it to a bluetooth headset and enjoy answering the calls without even lifting the handset up.

Apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoTomeeting, Skype are very essential for office employees nowadays due to majority of staff working remotely. The Grandstream tablet phones are not only compatible with these apps, but they work effortlessly on it.


Concluding my post, I would like to point out that there are many other use cases and scenarios useful for these phones. I will be posting more later on about even more deployment example and live on site videos for these phones.

If you have any enquiry for these phones or would like to learn more about our work and what we do - feel free to give us a call or message us using the live chat on the website.

Stay Safe and Safe Healthy.



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