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Appointment Management System for your business

What is Appointment Management & Who can Use it?

As we are all about to resume our businesses soon, I thought of writing about appointment management systems that will help small businesses manage their daily walk-ins at the same time keeping their clients and staff safe and healthy. Appointment management is a system of noting down client details, their preferred time to visit the business, and payment terms. In olden times, this was done mainly through in person or via calling in by the customer. Nowadays, along with calling, there are several other options. In this post, we are mainly going to concentrate on appointments via website and appointments via a call center.

Examples of some businesses that have a high number of walk-ins and scheduled appointments every day are salons (men and women), private clinics, dentists, retail shops (luxury, clothing, etc), and many others. The points that we will discuss in this post will be applicable to all of these types of businesses. For all the points mentioned in this post, you can contact Express Tech if you are looking to deploy any of these solutions by clicking on the link at the end of the post.

Appointment Scheduling - Via Website

Websites can become a very good tool for your potential clients to schedule and book services directly through it. Users can be given options for multiple services and they can select the particular service along with the date and time slots of their preference. Moreover, customers can also select a particular staff member (example: salon, dental clinics) of the business that they prefer to be catered by. Once the appointment is booked, the staff is immediately notified and can be prepared for the forthcoming appointments.

Websites can also be used to send email reminders of the appointment to the clients, can sync with their google calendars, and also prompt them to make an advance payment for the services offered online.

Staff details can also be managed on the backend by the administrators, staff profiles, staff schedules and services types, rates, etc all can be set up and ready to go for smooth workflow of operations.

Appointment Scheduling - Via Call Center

Businesses that have solid digital marketing services and good branding developed, need to have a quality call center system by which they can cater to their clients and people hear the term "call center", an image pops up in the head showing multiple agents, huge management systems, and complicated phone system setups. The reality is that call center systems have grown to be simpler and cost-effective.

Businesses that have a solid digital marketing service need to have a quality call center system by which they can cater to their clients and support them. The appointment management system described above for the website can be used in the backend by call center agents as well. So even when the agents are not on business premises, they can still answer client calls and book appointments online for the business.


To learn more about Appointment Management Systems and how they can help your business, feel free to contact Express Tech team and we will provide you with a solution that will suit your needs. Also, you can click on the Subscribe button below to get notified for our next blog post. 

Peace, A.

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