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5 Ways IP Phone System can help your business during COVID-19

Since the spread of coronavirus, more and more people are spending their time working from home. With this scenario expected to be continued till at least 2021, people are looking for better options to be in touch with their colleagues and customers. Thus, comes in place a VOIP or IP Telephone system for your business. In this post, we are going to give you some tips on how a good VOIP system can help you manage your business remotely


An IP phone system will provide you flexibility in terms of where your calls are to be routed. You can have a message played for a caller, have them directed to a particular employee or to multiple employees. Calls can also be diverted based on your work hours and employee availability.

Better Customer Service

During these times, customers especially are looking for companies to provide instant customer service at a short notice time. IP phone system enables this by playing appropriate message to the client and directs the to get in touch with the correct person who will be able to help them out even if they are working remotely.

Remote Working

Your employees can be registered or logged in to the Pbx using an App on their mobile or through their computers. This enables your business to answer or make calls directly from the comfort of your home. It also ensures that even during a lockdown or curfew period, you won't miss any calls from existing or potential customers.

Live Monitoring

As a business owner, it is critical to monitor the calls and your employees during the work hours. This is especially true in today's scenario where every interaction with a customer matters a lot. Business owners can remotely check ongoing alls, previous history of calls through call reporting and also listen to the call remotely from their home through call recordings.

Video IP Phones

Some IP phones manufacturers have Android based devices that can be used by owners and work from home employees to effectively communicate with each other. Applications like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Whatsapp and many others are readily available on these devices and can be setup in minutes. This allows the users to use 1 device for all their business communication needs rather than switching from their laptop to mobile constantly.


For more info or solutions for your business, feel free to leave a comment or contact Express Tech for all your technology needs.



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