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Low Voltage Systems
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We Express Tech are an IT Company that provides Complete Low Voltage Solutions in Kuwait. Our mission is to provide customers with complete guidance and satisfaction as we understand that premises are built once and it is very important to have the right IT Infrastructure from the very beginning.


Established in 2013 we have built 10 years portfolio of relationships with our 200 Plus customers ranging from,

  • Residencial Villa’s

  • Commercial Office Space 

  • Private Clinics

  • Healthcare and Gym Facilities

  • Restaurants with Multiple Branches 

  • Retail Spaces

Network Infrastructure

Having a secure network is absolutely necessary for any business today.  

We provide complete networking services right from Structured Point to Point Cabling with labelling, crimping and termination.

We ensure that all the network equipments are up to date and supports the requirement of a modern home or business in terms of network switches, firewalls and controllers.

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Internet and Access Points

  • The Ubiquiti wireless Access Point is a separate box that connects to the Internet Router with a network cable and equally distributes the wireless signal throughout your Villa, Office, or any other extended coverage.

  • We understand that the router is kept in one corner cabinet and the wireless connection gets weakening as your distance from the router. Here is where Access point comes to the rescue. With installing Access Points at calculated distances, you can move around in any large space or multiple floors without worrying about getting loss of the WIFI.

Intercoms for Doors

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  • We Install Intercom System for villas and Offices that allows you to see and talk to visitors, open doors, monitor building entrances, and simplify property access management for property managers and owners.

  • The Intercom is also connected to your IP Phones, so along with seeing and talking to the visitor on the screen you can also choose the room's phone that rings when the visitor is at the gate.

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IP Phones

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At Express Tech, we have an expert team with a wide range of experience in different IP telephony technologies. Our focus is to provide a complete turnkey telephony solution that will fit your Home and Business requirements.

CCTV Systems

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We provide customized CCTV security solutions for your business and residential premises. With a team of experienced technicians in Kuwait, we aim to provide a satisfying and a long-lasting security solution for you.


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We provide customized Bio Metric solutions for your business and residential premises. Right From Time Attendance System to Door Access Control System with biometric fingerprints, Face recognition to Card Readers.

Home Automation

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We work closely with homeowners, architects and interior designers to provide seamless automation for both new constructions and retrofits.

Homeowners can enjoy personalized smart living experiences right from Smart Home Entertainment to Smart Lighting to Smart Music and Many More. 

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