3CX for Call Centers

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Call Routing

  • No need to have multiple numbers for different locations

  • Single "222" DID or a landline number can be used for all locations

  • Calls can be forwarded to multi-level IVR greeting messages to be routed as per the customer selection. For Example, If a customer selects option 1, it rings in branch 1, option 2 goes to branch 2 and so on.

Advanced Features

  • Call Recording - Record all external and internal calls for analysis and accountability

  • Internal Calling - Transfer calls internally between branches and head office with ease.

  • Conference Calling - 3CX allows conference calling between multiple extensions on the system and even allows callers from outside of the system to join in on web meetings and video calls

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Advanced Reporting

  • Inbound Call Reports - 3CX Shows detailed and summarized reports for inbound calls.

  • Outbound Call Reports - 3CX shows the number of calls made from each branch or each employee.

  • Missed Calls - If a call is missed, 3CX auto notifies the manager or supervisor immediately so you missed calls can be returned.

Mobile Apps

  • Not in Office? Not a problem. 3CX supports wide variety of platforms for remote apps - iOS, Android, Windows & Mac - All are supported

  • 3CX Mobile apps have built-in VPN feature which enables the app to work from any part of the world.

  • With constant feature and security upgrades, 3CX ensures the apps are always compatible with latest platforms for seamless connectivity.

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