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3CX for Call Centers

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IVR and Calls in Queue

  • No need to have multiple numbers for different locations

  • A single "222" DID or a landline number can be used for all locations

  • Calls can be forwarded to multi-level IVR greeting messages to be routed as per the customer selection. For Example, If a customer selects option 1, it rings in branch 1, option 2 goes to branch 2, and so on.

For the Agents

  • Agents can answer calls from anywhere using the desktop, web, or mobile apps.

  • Calling internally to other agents or call transferring can be done with a single click.

  • Live Panel enables agents to see all the calls in the waiting queue for better serving the callers and giving priority.

  • Call pop-up via CRM integration allows the agents to view client information immediately upon answering the call.

  • Log in, Log out as per agent shifts - change of presence status as per agent availability is a matter of one click.


For the Supervisors

  • Real-time monitoring Switchboard to listen, call, whisper, and barge ongoing agent calls.

  • Access to the Management console to generate customized reports based on queues and agent filters.

  • Access to call recordings for call analysis and quality assurance purposes.

  • Queue strategies based on agents' skillsets

Answer WhatsApp messages from 3CX

  • Give your clients more ways to get in touch using WhatsApp messaging channel

  • Send your WhatsApp messages to the queue of agents to share the load

  • Run reports to track SLAs, reply times and agent performance

  • Track your messages with complete transcripts in Chat Logs

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Advanced Reporting

  • Inbound Call Reports - 3CX Shows detailed and summarized reports for inbound calls.

  • Outbound Call Reports - 3CX shows the number of calls made from each branch or each employee.

  • Missed Calls - If a call is missed, 3CX auto-notifies the manager or supervisor immediately so your missed calls can be returned.

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